Miracle Clubs

What is a Miracle Club?

A Miracle Club is an extra-curricular school club that participates in the fight against cancer. Open to all students within the school, a Miracle Club is great way for students to do productive, community-oriented work.

Miracle Clubs have begun to appear throughout Long Island.  In a few short years, the Miracle Club of Garden City High School has become that school's second largest student organization. With more than 100 members, this club is working hard to help families, friends, and members of the community that have been affected by cancer.

Few of us, even our children, have been unaffected by cancer in some way - sadly, some more closely and more powerfully than others. Miracle Clubs provide a way for all students to help "Make In-Roads Against Cancer's Lasting Effects."

What does a Miracle Club do?

Miracle Clubs do lots of things within their schools and in their communities to help Make In-Roads Against Cancer's Lasting Effects. Here are some of the activities that have already happened in Miracle Clubs:
  • Sponsored and organized student assemblies about the causes of cancer and cancer prevention
  • Sponsored and organized an annual Walkathon to raise money for the Miracle Foundation
  • Raised money to support the construction of the new cancer treatment center at Mercy Medical Center by conducting bake sales, car washes, Holiday gift sales and selling coffee mugs, seat cushions and other school-related items.
  • Sponsored and organized a fund-raising spaghetti dinner to benefit the Miracle Foundation

Miracle Club leaders are very creative about what their groups do and how they do it. The only requirement is to care about being part of the fight against cancer and to believe in the saying "It feels good to do good!"

How do I start a Miracle Club?

All clubs start by someone wanting to start one! Ask your school principal or your faculty advisor how you can start a Miracle Club. Contact the Miracle Foundation at (516) 705-1813.

Most schools have similar rules and procedures for creating clubs. We can help you get started by putting you in contact with the faculty advisors and Club leaders of other Miracle Clubs. They can tell you how they got their Miracle Clubs up and running!