Message from the President

“You have cancer"
The moment a doctor says these three words, a person’s life changes. This year alone, more than 1.3 million Americans will hear those words. In fact, every hour approximately 147 men and women in the United States will be told they have some form of cancer. Every day, families must come to terms with the impact of this diagnosis and begin a coping process that includes the need for treatment, research, support and hope.
The Miracle Foundation (Making In Roads Against Cancer's Lasting Effects) is a nonprofit organization and one of the leading and most effective cancer foundations on Long Island. The mission of The Miracle Foundation is to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients and eventually eradicate this disease, so it is no longer a threat in our lifetime. A crucial component of our mission is to create and maintain a comprehensive Web site that will provide Long Islanders with an interactive resource for cancer screening, education and awareness.
During the next several months, we will be working to enhance this site, so that it becomes an even more effective source of useful information for:

  •   People who have cancer or have survived it;
  •   Their families and other loved ones;
  •   Their friends, colleagues and neighbors;
  •   Healthcare professionals; and
  •   Ordinary people who want to learn more about cancer

The Miracle Foundation is dedicated to encouraging everyone to become more knowledgeable about cancer screening, and intends for our Web site to be an important means to that end. We've known for years that people whose cancer is detected in its early stages have a better survival rate than those diagnosed in later stages. And early detection is critical.

Our Web site is a valuable resource for people wanting to know more about what type of help is available for cancer patients and their families, and what screening tests are available. Our goal is to ensure that our site becomes an important part of the total process of educating people about cancer and what they can do about it.

Over the coming months, please check our Web site to see our progress in refocusing the direction and content. And please direct your family and friends to the site so that they, too, may become more aware of cancer, screening options and the most current treatment available.